Dear customers,
on September 28, 2020 our office will be closed. Of course, our online shop is available 24 hours for orders.


When returning goods, please fill in the form "EN-Return-Sheet".

Romana Přibáňová
Tel: + 420 602213549
L-SHOP-TEAM Česko s.r.o., Strojírenská 259, Praha 5

Without this form, please do not return any goods.
Without this form goods cannot be returned, or it will take considerably longer.
Please attach the corresponding bill of delivery/invoice.

Download the form here:

Download (PDF EN-Return-Sheet) To open this pdf, you’ll need Adobe Reader, available to download for free here.

The reason for returning goods is a mistake by the supplier:
After receiving the goods, we will process the complaint and you will receive a credit note for the invoice.

The reason for returning goods isn’t because of a mistake by the supplier:
Please send the goods to us, if the original delivery wasn’t more than 4 weeks ago with a filled form.
In this case you will receive a credit note for the goods lowered by 25 %. Transport cost not included.

You cannot return goods in these cases:
  • - Unpacked shirts and blouses
  • - Underwear and socks
  • - Foils (L-Flex, L-Flock, Stahls)
  • - Refined products (print, embroidery etc.)
  • - Brook Taverner without original packing including hangers
  • - Yarn
The above goods can be returned only in the case of hidden defects, which weren’t found before being sent.

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